4chan prequel sidequest

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28.03.22 - 14:30 - no update today, instead, i am making tutorial on how to post on 4chan. link will be added to the index and into this news section when i am done.

29.03.22 - 23:00 - oops, turns out i lied. here is update anyway.

01.04.22 - 14:20 - taking few days off, or at least until the 4chan's April 1st event ends..

06.04.22 - 22:00 - it seems, that the slime girl is pernament fixture of the /trash/ board or at least longterm sticky. resuming updates.

10.04.22 - 22:00 - page doesn't get views anymore, i don't get commands either. guess i shouldn't have taken that break, this shit's dead. i had fun while it lasted, i am gonna write a postmortem under the page, give it a read if you are interested.

i am quite baffled that as soon as i started drawing porn this thing died. what happened is that i drew a lewd page, people didn't like it cause i clearly took it in the wrong direction. for example, here is quote from one anon:

that one stung like a bitch but while the anon in the pic seems un-interested in the humans in the quest, most people didn't actually seemed to be interested in the porn part at all. whenever i tried to insert porn into the quest, people did their best to avoid it. i blame myself for reading the crowd incorrectly but in my defense, my expectations were bit skewed given the fact that the quest was hosted on 4chan's trash board and even worse in prequel threads which are notorious for being exceedingly degenerate.

so what did i learn from this? prequel thread on trash doesn't like humans, like at all, that was very surprising to me, it was humans in their entierity, not just redguards as i initially assumed. i was about to deeply regret that i choose katia's canon homeland, the hammerfell, the adoptive home to yokudan redguards and orcs as a setting of this quest when they corrected me on my assumption. another of my learnings, the people who didn't want the porn were actually the core audience, they actually pushed the quest forward, i simply bet on the wrong horse. i learned a lot about quest running, for example i almost perfected the workflow for this quest, surely, the next time i am running one, it's gonna be it, at least that's what i tell myself.

i don't have much more to say on this matter anymore. the final thing is that the quest's early death couldn't happen at a better time for me, i would have to take a break most probably either way, as i have some troubles ahead of me.

not all is bad, here is funny gif by TKW that i deeply cherish.

i hope to see you again my next project. good bye :)